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Thursday, June 28th, 2007
8:47 pm
so, providing there are no unforeseen fuck ups (which is completely possible since things always bite me in the ass when I get excited about anything) I have a job, and it's for more than $10 an hour! .. start july 16th
Monday, June 25th, 2007
2:43 pm
so, that company called me this morning. They want me to come in wednesday to meet with the company's president. From what I've gathered this isn't a formal interview but basically the guy wants to see if he likes me or not, weird. So that's exciting, I hope this works out. My luck generally sucks so I'll probably get an offer and it will probably be for $10 which I can't live on sooooo we'll see.

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, June 21st, 2007
5:39 pm
apparently I haven't written in this thing in 81 weeks.

maybe I'm due for an update?

sooo, hi anyone that might actually see this. What's new with me? Not much really, I've been looking for a job without much luck so far. Then again I'm not the most active job seeker. I had a second interview with a company in boston this past monday, haven't heard back from them yet but I think the interview went ok. It's times like this that I wish I were a slightly more impressive person, I'm merely average. I think average is ok though, most people are average.... otherwise it wouldn't be called average.

Spent the day wandering around boston with my sister, step mom and her niece. I figured my step mom could use another adult to go along with her so I volunteered. I don't think it's people that irritate me, but maybe family members? I was getting really fed up with walking so slowly with my little group, I just get really annoyed when it feels like I can't walk at my own pace. We went into the aquarium, very age appropriate. I don't believe I've been there in the last 15 years but I could have sworn that place was just ever so slightly bigger. Seems like you could see everything there was to see in there in 15-20 minutes. We also wandered through faneuil hall, not a fan. Too touristy, well I like the place in a sense it was probably more that my step mom and sister spent 20 minutes looking at over-priced, gaudy watches in the swatch store. I was thinking my dad and I don't have much in common but I realized from my annoyance with my sister, step mom and... I guess she's a step cousin looking at over-priced watches that still looked cheap that neither one of us particularly like wasting money on things we deem to be a ripoff.

I just hate shopping, especially when I'm the only man in the group. You feel like you're just getting dragged places you don't want to be to watch a group of very indecisive people look at the same 3 watches for half an hour. Man, I sound grumpy, it was a nice day and really it wasn't bad. I probably would have had more fun if I was with my brother. Soooo.. yeah, sorry I haven't updated this thing in about a year and a half but I suppose I just didn't feel like writing.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
11:29 am
long over due lazy ass update
yeah I know it's been a while.

Ok, end of the semester, all these due dates adding up, lots of stress. I wrote a paper the other day and intended to stay up all night writing a huge one last night but I discovered that the paper wasn't due until next tuesday. went to class today and we managed to make the softy professor push that back until the 15th and he just spent the whole class going over the APA format for the paper (annoying ass format that all psychological studies must be written in).

Went to a badfish show the day before thanksgiving, even though this jackass that was crowd surfing fell on my head it was still a fun time, badfish and roots down below were great as usual. My week is just about over and I plan to be pretty lazy. Maybe I'll read up on all those psychological journal articles I looked up for my term paper over the weekend but a great lift has been taken off of my shoulders by that professor. I already had a paper, a test and a presentation this week along with that huge paper and I can't write things until they are due the next day. just an issue of motivation.

Thanksgiving was slightly hellish. ate the first dinner at my dad's. They were trying to convince grandpa to move into some sort of senior apartment complex. Not a nursing home just if he wants someone to clean his place or bring him groceries they can do that cause even though he's pretty fucking sharp for 91 his doctor doesn't think he should be driving anymore and neither do my dad and step mom. For some reason if grandpa and I are at my dad's at the same time I'm the default grandpa "talker." Everyone either goes into another room or sleeps/ pretends to be asleep (dad) so he tells me his list of stories. Mainly about "the war" and him being a "newsie." kind of funny that in the 1930s you could actually make a decent living running a newstand. He ran one near tremont street or kenmore square or I don't know his stories kind of blend together but whatever I listen to him and play my little sisters guitar yup. He actually said "moving picture house" in one of his stories.. so yeah lots of obscure 1930s and yiddish words on thursday.

The plan was to make an appearance at my mom's and sleep at my dad's. Unfortunately my mother guilt tripped me into staying at her house (and then they all left me there by myself for the entirety of the next day)! which I hated but what can I do, she's my mom.

Supposedly there is a comedy show at the auditorium tonight so I'll see who I can convince to go to that cause I love seeing stand up.

In other news I've become scruff's "commute" (him walking to class) meteorologist:

***: rosey
Rosensplatt: wear a sweatshirt or your main south, it's a little windy. not freezing but like 50
Rosensplatt: I should charge you for this
***: LOL

he doesn't even have to ask me what it's like outside anymore, he just has to IM me and I know what he's IMing me about.

Current Mood: relaxed
Friday, September 9th, 2005
11:26 am
ummm yup
ok, school update. I'm back at school, which is fucking awesome. Haven't really done any partying yet but today is the first friday so we'll see what happens.

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
8:35 pm
first off, last friday: 311 kicked ass! I had a fucking awesome time concert-wise. My brother was being a stupid jackass but that's not 311's fault. He got drunk (even though he drove us there) and went around the parking lot shouting things like "hey you! nice ass!" at girls and he got upset when I told him he was being an ass. Then him and colby went on to compare me to the 40 year old virgin and how that was somehow related to me telling him not to be an idiot.

He kept trying to get me and colby to buy him beer during the show even though he was driving. Colby isn't as strong willed as I am and did end up buying him beer. So part way through the show my brother was completely shit faced. In the parking lot after the show we were stuck there for an hour before we could actually leave. We would have been stuck there longer but my brother's drunken friend matt decided to stand in front of a car so that it couldn't move when the rest of the cars in traffic moved up, thus allowing us to get into a spot so we could start our slow trip out of the parking lot. After that the kid hung out the passenger side window shouting at girls in cars and saying hi to every car that passed us. My brother would drive wrecklessly to keep up with girls in cars as his friend shouted and knocked over cones put up by the police.. almost in plain site of the police. I just wasn't happy with the way they were acting that night. I don't know if not wanting to get pulled over, arrested, get into a fight with other people or not disrespecting women makes me a unable to have fun but my brother made it out to be something like that.

oh yeah.. I just finished my last fucking day of work for the year!!! woooooooo!!!!!!! buh bye fucking stop and shop.

Current Mood: chipper
Sunday, July 31st, 2005
9:45 pm
Friday, July 29th, 2005
12:46 am
first concert of the summer
wooooo, went up to boston to go see o.a.r. tonight and it was fun. not the best concert I've ever been to but certainly not the worst. Just as we're leaving to head to boston I hear that south station has been closed (the station we need to go to..) because someone accidently forgot a piece of luggage there and the police were called in. It was nothing and luckily the station was open again by the time we got to quincy adam's station so that wasn't an issue.

South station to the bank of america pavillion was a bit of a hike. We were walking along and some drunk kids on their way to the show were near us. This one kid came up to me and was like "o.a.r.?" "yeah." "YEAH MAN.. YEEAAAH!" and he was running all over the place, but his flip flop kept braking. He was shouting something about following the asses (the girls about 50 yards ahead of us). We walked over some kind of liquid running down the side walk and a kid standing next to it that just so happened to be zipping up his fly. So yeah, lots of drunk kids blatantly peeing in the street in the middle of the city.

It was a long walk, I don't think we took the most direct route either. We somehow wandered up to the second floor of the world trade center from the street and we could see the bank of america pavillion but we had to find a way down to the lower street from there and it was just crazy.

We came in in the middle of a band called Pepper's set. I liked pepper, they kind of reminded me a little of sublime. One of the singers sounded a lot like my buddy justin, which was really creepy. He even said shit that I could picture justin saying. o.a.r. came on a bit later and they were pretty good. I didn't really know a lot of the songs they played for some reason, I guess it was from some cd I don't have but they were still fun to see play. Um... at one point someone from the row behind me grabbed my shoulders. I turn around and it's some woman that is still holding onto me and starts singing. i thought it was random but whatever.

Maybe 20 minutes later she climbs over the seats and starts dancing in my row, rubbing up against me and grabbing my arm. I realized the person with her was probably her boyfriend (he was shorter than me so at first I thought it was some big female friend) so I was really uncomfortable cause what if this dude decides he wants to start some shit? At one point she tells me to smile and I try to explain to her that I'm having a good time I just, for some reason, have a sad or angry look on my face. Yeah I don't know why that is but when my face is relaxed that's what it looks like. She grabs me by the chin/ cheeks and is like "smiiiiiile!" holy shit... who does this to a stranger? she had to be fucking wasted or something. A few minutes later her boyfriend came up to me and told me that she had told him that I need to be more lively. Jeeeeez, I don't like to dance, I tap my foot and bob my head a little but I just like to listen to the music I don't really like dancing.. I'm not miserable, I'm not sad, I'm not angry I'm content even if I don't look it. On the brightside the man didn't wish to fight me. He was shorter than me (but bigger) but it doesn't matter cause I don't want to fight anyone.

The walk back was a completely different route, we just walked straight to atlantic ave. from northern ave. and walked to south station from there. We went this way cause we followed the mob and I really don't know which way was quicker. So.... did they add a new T line in boston and no one told me? Cause I came across T stations right near the bank of america pavillion for the "silver" line and umm.. I'm not familiar with the silver line and I'd never seen those T stations before, not that I know much about the T by any means.

Ok, that's it for now, i'm tired as hell... buh bye.

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
12:04 pm
let's see.. it's fucking hot out, according to the heat index it feels like it's almost 100 degrees (and probably will feel higher than that in another hour or 2) and I'm feeling nice and gross and I just got out of the shower.

Yesterday I decided since i haven't spoken to her in what seems to be something like a month I would call e. So I did, it was really good to hear her voice. I mentioned I was seeing greenday in september and she sounded interesting so I might have found a place for that last ticket which makes me happy and less poor.

I saw charlie and the chocolate factory with my brother last night, I wanted to see wedding crashers but he just saw it the other day so I decided I'd find someone else and not make him sit through the same movie twice. I thought the movie was pretty good. As we were leaving the theater I was thinking "I can't remember how the original ends I just remember them shooting out of the roof in the flying elevator... oh yeah that's how it ended..." I like the little dude that did all the oompaloompas. For some reason they seemed a little more real or something. Probably because they weren't fucking orange.

Tomorrow I'm going up to boston to go see o.a.r. and it's my first show of the summer so i'm kinda psyched about that. What is really nice is that this week I have tuesday, wednesday and thursday off. I'm pretty sick of stop and shop and it's nice to not have to do jack shit for 3 days.

yeah, that's it for now.

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Saturday, July 16th, 2005
12:09 am
deb told me to post this for her cause she can't be assed to do it.
Deb says:
Deb is ok, she's in houston, she got really sick from mexican mc donalds at the airport
Deb says:
and almost had to miss her flight
Deb says:
but instead she just threw up a few times
Deb says:
and now can't be bothered to update her journal
Deb says:
but she did read the friends page
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
10:51 pm
cape cod
yup, I just got back from cape cod a few days early. oh for those who didn't know, I left on saturday for cape cod for the week. It was ok, we stayed in Wellfleet this time which is waaaaay dooooooooown on the cape, next to truro and province town.

The cottage we got was ok, small (that goes without saying) but it was pretty much on the water. We were somewhere around 100 feet above the beach and a path near the cottage lead to some steep and narrow stairs that lead down to the beach (which was at the bottom of some huge cliffs that must be eroding away like crazy).

The beach itself was very nice. Not rocky, it looked nice. I didn't bother swimming cause the water is cold as hell and it looked a little crazy. My brother and I were walking around the beach at night and some of the waves were pretty big and looked like they could suck someone out to sea. they probably weren't bad I just didn't feel like swimming in the cold water. The waves broke a little too close to shore to really do much with them and that's pretty much the only reason I'd go into the ocean.

My brother left sunday night so I didn't have much to do sunday or monday and most of tuesday. That lead to me reading the DaVincci code in 2 days, I liked it a lot though but the whole having nothing to do was probably the only real reason I read it in the 2 days. I read most of another random book in the cottage but was maybe 3/4 through with it today when I left.

Tuesday my aunt susan and "uncle" (it hurts to say uncle..)larry came to visit us, they were staying over in falmouth on vacation from california. Most irritating relatives ever. Susan is easily the slowest talking, slowest anything person I've ever met and larry, you can't understand a fucking thing larry says. We went out with them to eat lunch at a place on route 6 called "arnold's" and... I can't believe my dad didn't flip out. Not only did susan and larry not pay for their meal... but they ordered the most expensive things on the menu (and anything on cape cod is wicked overpriced)! 2 lobsters and steamers.. their food easily costed $60 for the 2 of them and my dad just paid for it, didn't make fun of them until after they left. I wanted to see if I could hang out with my buddy tamara, who lives in the next town over but for some reason I had a hard time getting service for my phone. I'd just like to add that there is nothing more disgusting than watching another person eat a lobster, definately not something to eat on a first date.

When my brother got back we went to the late showing of batman begins at the little movie theater in town. It was actually a very well done movie, especially when you compare it to batman 2-4 which blew filthy syphilitic goats. Ok.. after the movie theater we went down to the beach cause my brother likes smoking the reefer and the beach is secluded. Both times my brother started rolling a joint on the beach at night I'd see a light start moving towards the top of the stairs leading down to the beach. The first time it was some dude looking for his dog and that wasn't that odd cause it was only 9:30 and the guy was fairly young. The second time it happened it was after the movie and it was damn near 1am when we saw a light up there. Some old guy came walking down the stairs with a lantern to start fishing at night, how weird is that?

We went to the movies again last night to go see war of the worlds, it kinda sucks ass. Don't see war of the worlds. First off, after seeing his little rant on psychiatry... tom cruise is an ass, where does a guy that not only follows a religion created by a science fiction writer but also gives said science fiction writer large sums of money to do so get the nerve to call anything a "psuedo-science?" but the movie was bad, the story mainly. If the aliens were so advanced you'd thing they would have known that the germs on the planet or bacteria or what not would kill them... and if they buried the ships under the ground a million years ago or whatever why the hell did they wait for things with weapons to be here before trying to conquer the planet? it makes no sense.

I was eating at this restaurant down the street from our cottage called the beach comber. It had live music and a calender of who was playing on there. Well at the top of the calender (a few days before I ate there) my friend's band badfish played there, I thought that was really random.

The only things that were good were that the little girl (who was in man on fire) is a pretty good actress for a little kid and a few of the little jokes. The part where the father makes his son play catch with him and the son puts on a red sox hat was funny, that got a chuckle from the audience. aaaand the end where they show a wideshot of a destroyed boston got a bit of a chuckle from the audience too but the movie kind of sucked. oooh, the trailer for the brothers grimm looked pretty good I might add, very tim burton-ish. The orlando bloom movie.. I think it was called elizabethtown looked kind of funny too but it smells a little like a romantic comedy. so: see batman, don't see war of the worlds, tom cruise is a jackass.

tooooday the family went up to province town. If you're not familiar with province town it's a kind of ummm gay mecca. I would have gotten some good pictures but my camera batteries died as we got there cause I foolishly wasted them fooling around with the camera in the car. ptown was crowded as hell, if I've ever been there before then I was too young to really remember it. Lots of tourists, tourists everywhere.. everywheeeeeere! I swear it was harder to find parking in ptown than it is in fucking boston. It was cold out, didn't even feel like summer today so I didn't really like walking around there. It was an interesting place but it would be a lot more fun on a nice day with friends instead of family. Lots of weird stuff though. There was a store called something like "eros" that had a chainmail bikini type thing and a leather suit with studs in it in the front window.

There were also lots of little touristy stores that sold t-shirts and shit (my brother bought another pair of sunglasses, he has like 6 of the fucking things). All of them play out the whole gay theme to an extent. In fact, one store I went into had a gay mix cd AND gay energy drinks. I should have asked how a gay energy drink is different from a normal one but I'm lazy. I got a t-shirt from one of the stores and that was about it. I don't like shopping, ladies: most men don't like shopping. Those that don't mind shopping do mind shopping the way women shop. We're stupid, we are too lazy to go looking for a good price. I wouldn't go in a store just to look at something.. well at least not clothes. If I do go into a clothing store I do have a vague idea of something I intend to buy and it's annoying to be with people that go from store to store to store and then back to the last store then to another store then back to a different store.. it's annoying ok? We ate lunch at a deceptively big restaurant called the lobster pot it was pretty good but I've had enough seafood. I don't like fish and pretty much all the restaurants there are seafood restaurants. There's only so many times you can eat fried clams or friend calamari before you get sick of it. Yeah, there seems to be about a million fudge shops in ptown so my brother was making fudge packing jokes about every 5 minutes. My brother, my dad and myself were allllllll ptowned out but nooo my step mom and sister had to keep shopping, we finally eplained how much we didn't want to shop anymore cause we hate shopping and went home.

The weather was shit today and it will be tomorrow sooo me and my bro decided to go home early and that's where my long winded story ends.

entering the cape on the sagamore bridge
something woke me up at like 5:30 and we were facing due east
the beach
the stairs
Leaving the cape

that's it for now.

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Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
10:25 am
I hate animals..
yup, I hate em'! I used to love animals but uhhh no not anymore. Not to say I'd go out of my way to destroy any but I'm fed up with living with them. The dogs stay out of my hair to an extent but this stupid 01cat.. he just jumped on the keyboard.. the little furry bastard.

Yeah, I'm just tired of things harrassing me. Last night it's like 80 or 90 degrees in this room and I'm sleeping with no blanket and 2 fans on me and he seems to think "hey.. I'm going to sit on you like a big, moving, furry heat source. And I'd keep throwing him off of my bed (or my keyboard for that matter). Know I'm hypothesising that cats aren't that smart cause if I kept getting up on something and immediatly thrown off I'd stop doing it! He kept me up all night.

In other news I went to my dad's neighbor's bar mitzvah. That was a good time (except the service) I haven't seen those people in a while and they are nice people, it was good to catch up with them. Ok... they aren't orthodox jews but they go to a more or less orthodox temple and had the bar mitzvah on a saturday. For you goy sundown friday to sundown saturday is the shabbas (sabbath) and if you're an orthodox jew this means no work. No.. that isn't as cool as it sounds if you go through a jewish neighborhood on a saturday you'll see people walking to temple, you're not allowed to use cars or turn on electrical appliances like lights and air conditioning (they actually hire non-jews (goy) to turn that shit on in the temple.) But this also means that the bar mitzvah service goes from being maybe an hour to an hour and a half to... tah dah: 3 hours! That was kind of hellish, when we came in there was a little mini-rabbi leading the service. About half an hour in he stepped down and russel (the bar mitzvah boy) went to the alter and the kid sat near us. It was about this time that my brother started falling asleep and I swear that mini rabbi was staring daggers at my brother. He fell asleep about 10 times and that kid was pissed off at my brother. So yeah, 3 hours of a language I don't understand at all and a sermon from "rabbi jay." The only 3 hebrew words I know are "baruch attah adonai" and I only know what one of those means so yeah it was a looooooooooong 3 hours. Can't wait for my sisters bat mitzvah!

After the service was a brief little lunch in the room next door, they had bagels and what not. My dad took a picture of Aaron and myself at a table and this man sitting on the other room jumped out of his chair and was like "nooooo!" and ran over to my dad "You can't make light on the shabbas!" orthodox jews can be a little nutty, my dad chuckled, my brother suggested kicking him in the sack and we got the hell out of the temple and drove to the reception. Deanne (the neighbor's daughter that I used to play with as a little kid) put us at her table with her friends aaron and jessie who we were sort of friendly with so that was good, we weren't stuck at a table with people that sucked. The whole candle lighting ceremony had to be held a little later cause their relatives from england were bumped from their flight and were a little late or something (I don't know how that whole air travel thing works since the last time I was on a plane either regan or bush (the old one) was in office the one time I ever went on a plane) but they got their, we had the whole horah dance going and lit the candles. I swear they invited half of the people there up to light a candle, we even did it and we weren't the last people called up either. But yep, it was a good time, deanne made her english cousin say "purple" and "garage" over and over... see I don't understand this because she's from frickin' south africa and her parents say both words in a similar way but it was still entertaining to see someone annoy someone else.

yeah this is a marathon of an update.

I've decided work sucks a lot of ass. The other day I was thinking about the whole working there almost 4 years as a dependable employee and I make minimum wage. They treat me like crap there and customers are assholes. Earlier this summer I realized that maybe 1 our of 20 customers is actually an asshole, maybe even less but the assholes really stick out. Now I just don't give a shit cause I'm sick of work. I walked into the bottle redemption room and people piled trash in one corner of the room, guess who had to clean that up. I was pisssssseeeeeeeeed, I don't get paid enough to be going through trash. Tanya, one of my supervisors, is starting to piss me off. I'll walk in and you know.. I don't want to be there don't give me shit, she starts laughing and says "ahahahahah, guess what rob is going to have you do!" I kinda wanted to punch her at that point, don't do that shit to people when they walk in. A: the job rob had me do wasn't THAT bad and was less monotonous than being a cashier B: rob said it was ok to hit tanya so long as she doesn't get knocked over cause she's like a turtle and can't get back up. Yesterday they started passing out buttons for everyone to wear to promote a line of stop and shop brand cosmetics and I didn't put one on like most people and she just kept asking "where is your button? where is your button????" I was pretty close to telling her that if she asked me again she would be looking up her ass for it. Yes! Josh is disgruntled! They have us wearing pieces of flare at work for crying out loud, will they start asking us to make sure we put a cover sheet on our TPS reports next? Having 2 consultants named Bob come in to see if we're good for the company? Those fuckers still owe me money, they haven't paid me for the first week I worked!

It's ok, as of saturday I'm going down to the cape for a week, wellfleet to be exact. And my friend tamara lives in the town next to that so i'll probably hang out with her a bit. Just the break from work will be nice, I've worked every day this week (until I get to leave for vacation).

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
1:05 pm
mo made me
1. Reply and I'll write something about you.
2. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
4. I will tell you my first memory of you.
5. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
6. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
7. Then post this in your own journal.
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
10:16 pm
so I see someone familiar in the store today, it's my step aunt donna, the dysfunctional one. sooo she sees me and says hi and stuff well I heard my buddy kevin tell me that the woman that flipped out on me yesterday was in the store again and I pray I don't get her in my line.. well I don't. sooo my step aunt is on her way out and looks at a carriage and says "say hi to josh!" and it's my little step cousin charlie so I wave to her and I realize the woman pushing the cart is the evil psycho bitch that flipped out on me!

I swear, I had this feeling after that woman left yesterday that somehow she knew my step aunt donna, holy shit she does!!! how weird is that?

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10:35 am
worst customer.... ever.
Holy shit, I had the rudest customer in 4 years of working at stop and shop. This woman comes up to my register, puts her shit on my belt and walks away. My bagger looks at me and says "dude, don't say anything negative at all to this lady or she'll flip out on you." soooo... she gets to my register and I give her my usual "hi, how are you?" and she goes into this rant about her being single, which is fucking random, she kinda read into that question a little too much, it's just a fucking formality you just need to say 'fine thanks."

Ok... soooo I ring all of her stuff up and she looks at the price "76 dollars?! are you fucking kidding me?! (yes she actually swore at me.)" and I'm thinking, what the hell do I say to that so I said "no, that's the price." so she demanded I print up a receipt and she went through it ordering my bagger to take stuff out and she can't read some of the codes on the receipt so she said such polite things as "what is that fucking code?" and what not... ok got her order down to $56 and by now I've voided out about $30 worth of crap so I need Tanya, my supervisor's, keys to let the order go through. She's still flipping out asks me if it looks like $56 worth of stuff and I was about to say yes but midway thought it was a bad idea so I feigned agreeing with the hell bitch. She went on a rant about no man in her life and she didn't have a ring on her finger so she had to pay for everything on her own. I wanted to point out to her that maybe she wouldn't be single if she wasn't such a bitch but I wanted to get her out of the store as quickly as possible (seriously, the scene that woman was making.. my boss rob would have probably laughed his ass off about it after she left the store if I did that.). oook so now the receipt is gone and I don't know how much change I owed the woman and she said she didn't have it so I thought tanya did and she said "she does I saw that little (didn't hear the word) take it." welll she did have it the whole time... yeah then she went on a rant saying how all baggers at stop and shop are stupid and don't know what they are doing and they use too many bags and at that point I wanted to say "cause then you would bitch about us breaking your eggs or crushing your bread.." but I didn't.

so yeah, without a doubt the bitchiest customer I've ever had. I almost couldn't take her seriously but my friend kevin started cracking up at her once and she got even angrier so don't do that.

uhhh aside from that I went to my dad's on father's day and saw my grandpa. my dad, the evil bastard, fell asleep when just him, me and grandpa were in the room. This means grandpa spent the next 2 hours giving me his biography up to 1945. He's a good guy but I've heard all of his stories many many many many many many many times. you don't really want to be cornered by grandpa cause you can't leave, you'd feel bad for walking away and leaving him by himself so you just have to hear about the first time he went on a plane or how after d-day they tried to transfer him to the infantry but he was the only friend his commanding officer had and he enlisted in the army air corps so his officer said they couldn't put him in the infantry...

I'm going down to the cape in a little less than 2 weeks. Wellfleet this time which is waaaay out there that's damn near province town so that is probably going to be a 3 hour drive if traffic isn't horrible, and traffic is usually pretty horrible on a saturday in cape cod. With any luck it will be less boring than when we stayed at dennis last summer, at the very least it will involve me and my brother spending quality time aimlessly driving around the cape in his car, probably starting to get on each other's nerves by the end of the week.

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Monday, June 13th, 2005
12:27 am
fight for my life
so the other night I'm sitting in here, as I'm known to do, just minding my own business when I catch something out of the corner of my eye. The biggest fucking bug I've ever seen in my life is flying around my room and was fucking around on my cieling. It was HUUUUUUGE, I still don't know what it was but at the time I thought it was either it or me so I fought it. It landed on my towel (ewwwwww) and I got it with my cd holder and ummm took some pictures cause it was so huge.

Other than that this is the first week that I've actually gotten a real schedule at work. I need money pretty badly so yeah that's just awesome.

I had this really awkward ride with my dad the other day. it's usually like that with him cause I don't think we have all that much in common about the only thing I know even a little bit about that I could talk to him about would be the red sox, his things are sports and cars so yeah.. I know nothing about cars. Well he brings up that my brother has been telling him that I've been saying I'm not happy living here so he told me I could live there. I just don't like being in this position. If I leave I'll hurt my mother even though i'm not happy here. The whole moving to my dad's is kind of scary too. They'd have to make a room for me, I don't even have a bed there and I didn't even go to high school in that town. I know no one there except maybe 2 of my brother's friends and my cousins so part of my worries that I'd be even more bored there. Plus my dad pushes that whole issue of me driving. I'd most likely work for my dad which would = a lot more money but I really don't know what to do. I don't like the situation at all.
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Monday, June 6th, 2005
7:45 pm
sowwy sara
ok sooo yes my name is josh and I haven't updated in a long time. ummm not sure why. let's see........ almost a month ago I finished my last final, last day at school was a little uneventful we ate out but no party or anything. I just spent the night cleaning and packing.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,m my asshole cat just stepped on the keyboard... ummm got home and I tried to get my job back but had no response for a while. I talked to my boss in person and they had too much help but he said he'd try to give me some hours until one of the kids quits like next week. soooo I started working last week.

home has been pretty boring as expected. I've bought tickets to see o.a.r. and greenday.. and uhh that did some damage to my bank account. so I was getting worried about that job. It's been weird, I've been at my dad's every weekend since I got home and I usually go there maybe once a month. My step mom took me shopping last thursday and she took me again on sunday. see she feels I dress like a bum (yeah I do, cause all of my lady friends have told me I need to dress better) sooo i got some pants some shirts and some shoes. I can't believe she was psyched to spend money on me. It's insane.. as she is paying she cheerfully says "just wait 'till daddy freaks out when he sees our credit card statement!"

Dad let me in on his hobby, which is sitting on ebay all the time looking for original parts for his '63 corvette which he picked me up in the other day. so after knowing how much money he has sunk into that car I guess he can't get all that mad at my step mom cause um... yeah the paint job alone cost almost as much as a really cheap new car.

So women, yeah this is a cliche but most of us guys hate shopping. We only went to 2 stores and it was hell. My step mom would make me try stuff on, I don't try stuff on! I know my pant size, I don't give a shit what the length is cause they don't make pants for men my height and they have to be hemmed no matter what. but noooo I had to humor her and try on the pants. the shoe store was the worst though, the salesman kept bringing out shoes for me to try on, seemed a little too eager. plus he put the shoes on me and you know that.. that's weird. I put my own damn shoes on... damnit!

In other news the weather is insane. It's new england so that's to be expected but it's still insane. The weather was unseasonably mild and cold for all of may. it got up to 70 or 80 every day since maybe wednesday or thursday and yesterday it was 95 fucking degrees, then back down to 70 again, but I can't complain. at least it isn't cold out. yeah you know you're bored when you start talking about the weather......

Oh, as usual I need to get ass but uhhhh yeah that goes without saying doesn't it?

Being here kind of sucks ass, pretty boring but I always complain about home. At least I'm working a little. I stopped by and saw my buddy tasha that goes to BU it was nice to sit and chat with her. Her mom is a rediculous host, immediately brings out food and a drink when I stop by. hahah, it was just cool talking about the silly crap we used to do when we were little kids. hmmmmmmm yeah I'll try to update this thing more often but I felt really lazy when I got back home sooooo buh bye.

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Sunday, April 17th, 2005
1:41 am
cake and fire
hmmm whats happened to me, monday was hectic as all hell. Went to talk to my advisor so I could register for class, he bitched me out about various things that's always a good time. Got to my computer to register for classes and there was a hold on my account. I walked over to the bursar's office to find out what was up with my account and the nice lady at the desk told me that a check had bounced. After looking it over she discovered that a check had never bounced but for some reason they put down that it did so I could register (that would have not been good at all if a check really had bounced and I'd probably have to take next semester off cause I probably wouldn't register on time...).

Thursday night Ben and Jerry came here to give a lecture on how they started out, running businesses and social issues. Ben made this huge oreo cookie diagram that explained how if the military budget were decreased by 15% (removing most of the 150,000 nukes that we don't really need cause we have enough to destroy the word many times over) most social issues could be wiped out. It was a really good point and after that I got a pen with that same chart inside it and free ice cream (the ice cream was good too). Yup.. I stood within 2 feet of THE Jerry. It was a pretty momentous occassion, I should have said something like "dude... I love half baked." or "dude, I once got a horrible tummy ache after I ate a pint of phish food once." but I said nothing. Which was cooool so whatever.

Friday night We went down to Kevin and Lee's house on west island in fairhaven. It was to celebrate Lee's birthday.. lee went to amherst so we filmed some more of adam's movie, made a huge bonfire and ate Lee's cake. That cake was damn good too. The part of the movie filmed was this sports interview scene in which scruff interviews kevin and elmo who have supposedly lost (the movie is about beirut.. a.k.a. beer pong). Scruff was talking in this rediculous fake greek accent and there were a few times they had to stop filming because the people watching it burst out laughing. It was quality stuff I'll say that much. It was cold as hell outside but kevin's backyard is HUGE and goes all the way to a water (thus the cold windiness) and they dug a pit and made a nice bonfire out of some old pallets and past year's christmas tree. It was a good time, little pat was with us too and him and I stood around the fire with a guitar and everyone sang along and lame ass sing alongs are umm fun for some reason.

When I got back to campus Pat got me to smoke out of his bong (haven't really done that before) apparently everyone feels I'm entertaining as all hell when I'm high so yes kids, marijuana can make people like you! Don't worry I'm not a pothead or anything but I said I'd do it and I still say weed tastes like shit.

Today was pretty uneventful, I went to T.K. O'Malley's with ralphus, adam, focker and adam's friend bob.. who just turned off my fucking tv.. I was fucking watching that shit.... Kalin's bday was today but no one really went to her party, last year we had a cookout at her house which is maybe 45 minutes away but this year it's at her new boyfriend's house (who we don't know) all the way up in fucking newton sooo fuck that, no one wants to drive to newton and then drive back. I love kalin but that's not a great place to throw a party if you want your lazy college buddies to come.

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
10:33 am
navy made me do it
The Rules:

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2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) in your journal.
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5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
Monday, March 28th, 2005
1:22 pm
yeah it's been a fucking looooong ass time since I've updated this. let's see hmmm.. I'm dropping my music class because even though I was getting A's in it I kind of accidently slept through the midterm. I didn't remember we had it, we already had an exam that week and who gives 2 exams in a week? I also got a crappy grade on my last stats test because she had us take it the day we got back from brake.

That particular math professors whole style is starting to annoy me. She doesn't teach in a way that I learn things well I guess. It was ok at first but now I don't understand a lot of what she is talking about. The guy I had for stats last year was a hell of a lot better, he actually had us do things as he went in class so we sort of know how to do them, oooh well.

Since I didn't go home for spring break I decided to go home for easter weekend. Home was kind of ok, I really hate it there but I can stand it for short periods of time. We had dinner on saturday because I was going back to school on sunday. My mom, step father.. whoever made leg of lamb and it was pretty damn good.I ended up watching the sponge bob movie and the incredibles with a bunch of small children that belong to the parents of my mom's friends.

Sooo.. colby comes in and says to me "hey Josh, so my mom says you have a girlfriend or something?" Ok, when i started hanging out with Meg I told my mom about it and told her NOT to tell anyone cause I didn't know what would come of it and whenever something happens I swear my mother is on the phone to all of her friends 5 minutes later. So my mom looks at colby and is like "I told your mother not to tell anyone!" and I said "I told YOU not to tell anyone!" "hey, I waited 3 whole weeks before I told anyone and I only told marion! *goes to the phone to call colby's mom and yell at her*" "it's not her fault because I told YOOOOU not to tell anyone!" "hey, I only told marion and sharon, i got excited!" "... so now you only told marion AND sharon?!... I told you not to tell ANYONE! I'm not even hanging out with that girl anymore!" ... so moral of this story: don't tell your gossiping mother anything.

After dinner Aaron and I went for a drive, his friend eric was back from West Point for the weekend so they all wanted to hang out. We drove around for like an hour, my brother made me smoke a cigar with him. It was ok but I got sick of it after a while, it was one of those little ones with the little plastic piece at the end. We drove around Bay Road which is a back road that goes through a few towns around where my dad lives. We went to my dad's to say hi and hung out for a little bit until Eric got there. It's so funny to hear what that kid says about West Point.. such a different college experience. Getting up before 6, having class all day and going to bed at 10:30. Yeah.. it might be free but I'd rather be in debt then have a 10 year hitch in the army.. personally.

We drove down to Walpole and played pool at Mad Maggie's.. that place kind of sucks now. The under 21 section was made smaller, is now brightly lit and doesn't have the cool chairs they used to have. How can you play pool in a brightly lit room with yellow walls? I liked it when it was too dark and dank to know what color the walls were, much better for playing pool. Since I don't play pool everyday like I used to as a teenager (wtf.. I can say as a teenager in past tense like that.. I'm getting old.) so I kind of suck at it now. I'm sure if I had somewhere to play all the time again I'd be good but I played pretty badly.

After that they dropped me off at my dad's and I watched a little tv and slept on the floor of my brother's room (kind of hard). We got up and went back to my mom's house so she could take me back to school and do some grocery shopping.

That's about it really. My mom made some jello shots for me to bring back for my friends and they liked them. Jared, Justin, Tom and myself took a ride down to the ocean, I've never been to the beaches around school before so it was cool. The main reason for this is because those guys (with the exception of jared) like to smoke weed in the car on the way there and I'm really uncomfortable with that. They were nice enough to smoke at the beach this time and they wanted me to bring my acoustic guitar.

We went to what they call "the satellite dish" because off in the distance there is this massive "house" (don't know if someone lives there or what it does)it had columns in front of it and stuff, it was hard to tell because it had to be about a mile away maybe more but there was a HUGE satellite dish next to it. Not like something you'd have on your house, it was on top of a very big tower and it probably had to be at least 100 yards wide, it's really hart to tell from so far away but it was impressive looking and if I ever go out there again I'll bring my camera.

Yeah, it was also fucking colder than a witch's tit on that beach with the wind. I played guitar for a few minutes but the fingers on my left hand became too numb to feel what strings they were touching. After a while we went onto the other side of the sand dunes where we parked and it was a little warmer there so Jared played my guitar. We noticed cars kept pulling up to where we were, looking at us, then turning around. A few of them came back around a minute later. At first I thought they were other people doing what Justin and Tom had come there to do but That was a beach for town residents in a fairly nice looking neighborhood and we probably didn't look like we belonged. We decided to get the hell out of there after that.

hmmmm.. other than emily coming over and hanging out (and forcing me to eat 2 jello shots, she convinced me they wouldn't kill me) for a few hours nothing else happened. I definately want to get pictures of that beach again sometime.

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